Sam Feldt

On September 23rd, we were joined by house music favorite Sam Feldt to close out the summer’s Boat Cruise Summer Series, alongside his friend Bakermat. After throwing down on the high seas, Sam sat down with us before his set at Royale to discuss his quest for the perfect alias, his unprecedented come up, and one of his latest singles!


Ashley Feldman: What’s going on, Sam? We’re excited to have you in town. How was the boat?


Sam Feldt: I didn’t really know what to expect…but it was so good!


AF: What is the best part about having the opportunity to travel the world?


SF: The best part is definitely the shows; being able to interact with my fans from all over the world. I love playing my music and seeing them enjoy it. Worst part is the traveling- being on airplanes and in airports the whole day…missing your family and friends.


AF: It seems within the last few years your career has really taken off. Where did your journey with music begin?


SF: It’s hard to say. Music has pretty much been around my entire life. I started playing the piano when I was around 8 years old. Then I started my own drive-in show with my dad when I was 11. I would spin a lot of birthday parties and shows for my friends. I pretty much stuck with that and picked it up again when I was 17, got my own DJ controller, made a couple of mixes in my bedroom and tried to get booked, signed, ya know the same story with every DJ. After 3 or 4 years I switched to a different style, a different name… Sam Feldt.


AF: You kept your first name, ‘Sam,’ but where did Feldt come from?


SF: I wanted to do deep house, so I looked into deep house DJ’s and all their names seemed to be German, so I researched some common last names and when I found Feldt I knew it was the one. So I said to myself, ok, under this Sam Feldt alias I am gonna release and play only the music that I really enjoy listening to myself. Soon enough, I got signed to Spinnin’ Records and it all took off from there.


AF: What do you do for fun in your off time?


SF: I like chilling out, watching Netflix… normal stuff. I just started ‘Stranger Things’ and of course I love hanging out with friends, but it can be hard when you’re on the road all the time. The other producers and DJs you see on tour really become your family because you are all in the same position and can identify with each other in that way.


AF: So, who are your favorite people in the industry to work or collaborate with?


SF: I work with a very broad spectrum of people. I love to work most with really talented songwriters and singers, who can really take a cool instrumental to the next level.


AF: Anything you’d like to add?


SF: Everytime I’m back in Boston it feels like coming home, so thank you guys for that. I hope to see you at my next shows there and if you wanna hear some brand new Sam Feldt music, my new single ‘Runaways’ just came out October 8h.


AF: We look forward to catching ya the next time around! Thanks Sam!